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Ella Enchanted Book vs. the Movie Essay - 1512 Words

Ella Enchanted book vs. the movie Many books that were published years ago have recently been made into movies. One of the well-known books that have been made into a film is Ella Enchanted (1997) by Gail Carson Levine. This book won several awards, including the Newbery Honor book in 1998. Ella enchanted, the Disney movie version was released in 2004. Anne Hathaway played the role of Ella and it was directed by Tommy O’Haver. The story talks about a girl named Ella who is cursed at birth by a fairy named Lucinda. Lucinda cursed Ella with total obedience. Throughout the movie, Ella was looking for Lucinda to undo the curse so she could live her life like all other girl and win the love of her life, Prince Charmont. The book addresses†¦show more content†¦She meant to bestow a gift† (3). When Lucinda cursed Ella, she thought that giving Ella full obedience would be a gift, not thinking that this may affect her life and give people around her the chance to take advantage of her. Olive and Hattie are Ella’s stepsisters. Hattie is the one who was able to discover Ella’s curse. In the book, Hattie enjoyed commanding Ella. Ella gave Hattie her precious necklace afterwards, Hattie commanded Ella to not be friends with Areida. Throughout the book and the movie, Hattie and Olive are always jealous of Ella’s beauty and of how well-mannered she is and yet they wanted to be friends with Ella. The reader will think how Hattie and Olive could be Ella’s friends after taking advantage of her. In the book, Hattie said Ella, you should give it to me. It would be a token of our friendship. (37). Prince Charmont comes in both works as a young leader who was destined to in herit the throne of the kingdom. When Prince Charmont met Ella, he fell in love with her humor and her personality not knowing what she had as a curse. The book reviewer, Nancy Thackaberry from VOYA, stated that â€Å"the characters’ personalities and motives are comically crystal clear, but never boring†. She is saying that there is no real changing in the characters in the book, but it’s not boring because the romance and the fantasy that is presented in the book will keep the reader wanting to read more. When it comes to comparing both works,Show MoreRelatedCinderella vs Ella Enchanted Essay2614 Words   |  11 PagesCinderella vs Ella Enchanted The tale of Cinderella has been heard and read for many generations. The idea of rags to riches has appealed to countless readers through varying accounts. The plot of Cinderella has become a traditional theme. Through different cultures and eras the theme has seen many copies, remakes, twists and views in literature, theater and film. Today’s era of blended families and conflicts in class statuses may be why Cinderella has been a classic. One of those twists is seen

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The Constitutional Federalism Of Canada - 1309 Words

Canada as a country was founded on the constitutional premise of federalism, a governmental system in which the federal and provincial governments are equal and separate entities together in political coalition. Quebec joined Confederation in 1867 on the constitutional promise of equality. French-speaking Canadians were assured provincial control of their social programs, health, and education. The premise of shared sovereignty acknowledged the variation between distinct peoples in Canada and their particular political culture’s. On May 14th, 1980 former Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau delivered his final speech in his campaign against former Quebec Premier, Rene Levesque’s referendum on separation from Canada.†¦show more content†¦Former Prime Minister Trudeau cleverly disguised the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a heroic constitutional amendment providing universal individual and minority rights, in order to effectively clo ak the embedded attack on Quebec-Nationalism, through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms assimilative properties. Further, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms lacked recognition and consideration in regard to Quebec’s expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of federalism in Canada. The issues were the absence of recognition for Quebec as a distinct society within Canada, the consolidation and centralization of greater power to the federal government, and the lessening of powers held by the provincial government. Trudeau Sr.’s personal disdain for Quebec nationalism and his attempts to extinguish it, caused him to overlook the reality of Quebec s political culture, and the impossibility of transforming a society through change to the constitution. Following Trudeau’s attempts at constitutional reform in Canada, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives would attempt reconciliation to mend Quebec Canada relations. Ultimately e nding in failure leading to greater French unrest in Canada. This essay will demonstrate the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as a falsely conceived strategy to remediate Quebec-Canada (French-English) relations, and scale the damage to the

Smokey Joes Cafe and Away Free Essays

The concept of journey exceeds beyond physically traveling, as the traveller encompasses an emotional and intellectual journey along the way. These journeys are a process in which the traveller grows and changes in response to extending themselves out of their comfort zones and overcoming the struggle with themselves, each other and with nature. The play ‘Away’, composed by Michael Gow through the use of dramatic techniques and the novel ‘Smokey Joe’s Cafe through language techniques have both demonstrated how physical Journeys impacts on the travellers inner growth. We will write a custom essay sample on Smokey Joes Cafe and Away or any similar topic only for you Order Now Away’, set in the late 1960’s reflects the Australian events and situations at that time. These shape the attitudes and behaviour of the characters Gow uses, it strengthens Australia’s historical context for the audience. There is a cyclical structure Nature is a symbolic theme that sharpens ‘Away’ physical setting. Gow significantly sets the play over the Christmas holidays, portraying three ordinary yet contrasting families that are eventually drawn together by the power of nature. This time of year symbolises the birth of Christ that contradicts the imminent death of Tom. His approaching imminent death of Tom. Tom’s approaching death heals the characters, as they become linked to the natural cycle, we are born to die. â€Å"Give me your hands if we be friends, and Robin shall restore Amends. ‘ ( Act 1, Sc 1) This signifies the beginning journey of reconciliation and acceptance through use of intertextuality. Gow has made cross reference with Shakespeare. Tom’s role as Puck, infiltrated from a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, encapsulates his significance in the overall play. Puck’s power to restore and heal alludes and soaks into Tom’s character as his awareness of both life and death become the base of power for a catalyst change in others. Tom’s ability to transform Coral and inspire his parents is expressed through the play within a play. ‘Stranger on the shore† Tom’s deep sense of his own mortality is life giving to others, he expresses impending death and his capacity to care for other’s lifts coral from her darkness. â€Å"I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking. symbolis for Corals renewal in her emotional journey, while Repetition of walking reinforces she is back to reality The plant â€Å"Coral† symbolizes a lifeless skeleton that is fragile and easy to break, just like the character in â€Å"Away†. Coral undergoes a vast transformation through the physical journey, from being repressed because of her son’s death to finally accepting that he is gone. Coral à ¢â‚¬â€œ her emotional recovery is profound. She symbolically and emotionally ‘returns from the dead’. She has been away from herself since the death of her son and has been unable to deal in the real world effectively. The physical journey she undertakes to the beach is a metaphor for her emotional journey to recovery of self and ability to ‘walk’ in the world of the living. Physical setting – Earth; place of respite and rest Beach allows for cleansing, harmony Water: through both sea and storm, emphasises idea of change as its dark and has unknown depths, yet can also be life giving. Air evokes destruction through Bonfire: Ancient symbol of life. Its warmth draws those characters, who have been renewed, it confirms the redemption they have achieved. And the insight enveloped around each character portraying their inner growth.. Similarly in ‘Smokey Joe’s cafe, Bryce has used historical information on the Vietnam war to create his characters and setting to enable a more appealing and indulgent recite for the reader. Courtenay has used the power of nature throughout the Vietnam veteran’s journey, fathomed most in the Vietnam jungle. The jungles landscape became secondary growth with, bamboo everywhere, all of it tangled and dense and hard to see or move through. â€Å"The bloody jungle was the enemy as much as the Viet Cong (pg. ) Thommo says this highlighting the soldier’s physical journey that overcame the difficult obstacles and level of areas they were subjected to. Nature’s demolition lead to the motive of Agent Orange, a main issue manufactured for Vietnams â€Å"(pg. 7) . They sprayed it in our tents, in our weapon pits, in our kitchens and mess halls and in our latrines. It would be on o ur plates we ate off and the cups we drank off. † Courtenay introduces Thommo fand the soldiers to recount,- flashbacks†¦ The start of the physical journey â€Å"That’s what it was; a big hole with hills called Yama’s surrounding it, filled with water that might as well have been shit. It felt like shit. Tasted like shit and smelled like shit, when you fell into it, it stuck to you like shit sticks to a blanket. † (pg 70) Preparation for the jungle (Still in Australia) highlights the beginning of change, and growth the soldiers will experience†¦ The use of repetition, simile, colloquialism, introducing†¦ â€Å"Crackle-pop-crackle-pop-pop-pop† â€Å"Putta putta putta putta† (Page 3) Onomatopoeia has been used to echo the firing of an AK47, and the ‘dust off blades of an emerging helicopter picking up the wounded’. The sounds give a sense of battle while Thommo describes it from a nightmare that is recounted from the past events of Long Tan; it establishes the hardship Thommo goes through, finding it difficult to settle back into society. All of these paragraphs Don’t link or refer back to question It didn’t help that Australia treated them like a bunch of mercenaries guilty of war crimes. â€Å"You killed children! †(Pg43) Angela, a local says this to Spags showing her disapproval and resentment for him. It establishes the hostility and non-acceptance society felt towards the soldiers, their lack of understanding, going by the distorted media, regarded them not as heroes, but pure murderers. Societies attitude towards the war created diversity between the vets and the community â€Å"It seems the real heroes were the nice little boys and girls who marched in the Anti- Vietnam rallies chanting slogans, waving the Viet Cong flag and passing a joint around while the cops looked on. † (Pg. 10). This shows Thommo and the soldiers are filled with fury and irritation for the people and Government. How to cite Smokey Joes Cafe and Away, Papers

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Occurrence At Owl Greek Bridge Essays - , Term Papers

Occurrence At Owl Greek Bridge "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" can be considered a work of realism for three reasons. The first is Bierce's utilization of his own military background giving this story a sense of authenticity. Bierce also conveys his cynicism after leading the reader to believe otherwise. Finally, this story provides social critique of the south during the Civil War. Bierce goes to great lengths to describe the opening sequence in terms of its military arrangement. He provides vivid images of troop formations and soldier stances like "a single company of infantry in line, at 'parade rest' the butts of the rifles on the ground, the barrels inclining backward against the right shoulder, the hands crossed upon the stock." (Bierce 269). He also takes the time to describe exactly how fortified the Owl Creek Bridge is. He shows his military experience by describing a road that stretches out of site and assuming that "Doubtless there was an outpost farther along." (Bierce 269). The procedures of a military execution were explained thoroughly including the code of conduct: "In the code of military etiquette silence and fixity are forms of deference." (Bierce 269). Bierce earned the nickname "Bitter Bierce" (Bierce 268) early in his life for his cynicism. This is not evident in this story until the end. The third and final part begins with a sequence of miraculous occurrences allowing Peyton Farquhar to escape from his hanging. The description of these events leads the reader to believe that Bierce is a Romantic author rather than a realist. The rope breaks dropping him into the creek. He then uses his "superhuman strength" (Bierce 272) to remove the rope from around his neck. Peyton is then blessed with augmented senses seeing the veins on leaves in the forest and hearing gnats and dragonfly wings in the distance. He then sees the eye of a marksmen on the bridge through the scope on the rifle. Amazingly, this marksman misses what should be an easy target and allows Farquhar to swim farther downstream. Peyton then manages to avoid a barrage of bullets, cannon fire, and finally grapeshot and is only wounded by one bullet. In contrast to the first part, the scenery is now described as a dream world of "strange roseate light", trees that look like "giant garden plants", and "great golden stars" (Bierce 274). He describes the arrangement of the trees as having "definite order" and the stars are in order of "secret and malign significance" (Bierce 274). This suggests what Peyton is seeing is contrived rather than real. The author also gives more direct hints to what happens in actuality. In the first part Farquhar imagines how he would escape while he is waiting to be hung which coincidentally is how it happens. In the end, his final thought is of his wife greeting him at the front gate. This is revealed initially in the first part: "He closed his eyes in order to fix his last thoughts upon his wife and children." (Bierce 270). Another indication is the reference to the single bullet to hit him in the water. The wound is to his neck and described as uncomfortably warm. This is much like the description of how the noose felt around his neck. The cannonball that hits nearby creates a wave that "strangles" Peyton. Later in Farquhar's journey his tongue is swollen and his eyes no longer shut. His tongue is stuck out and he loses feeling of the ground. These are all physical manifestations of his hanging that intrude on the escape fantasy. Just as Peyton approaches his wife is when Bierce finally reveals Farquhar's true fate. He feels a blow to the back of his neck and then there is darkness and silence. After painting a picture of Peyton Farquhar's miraculous escape, Bierce brings cruel reality by allowing him to be executed thereby showing his cynicism. The third aspect of Ambrose Bierce's writing that makes him a realist was his use of social critique of the Civil War southerner. Peyton is a wealthy Alabama plantation and slave owner who is therefore devoted to the southern cause. His patriotism can be seen by his desire for service in the "gallant army that fought in the disastrous campaigns" (Bierce 271). Peyton knows that his "opportunity for distinction" (Bierce 271) will come and feels that no task is too small. He is not to serve in the confederate army due to "circumstances of an imperious nature" (Bierce 270). This statement shows that the only people who didn't fight the

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History and Overview of Levittown Housing Developments

History and Overview of Levittown Housing Developments The family that had the greatest impact on postwar housing in the United States was Abraham Levitt and his sons, William and Alfred, who ultimately built more than 140,000 houses and turned a cottage industry into a major manufacturing process. -Kenneth Jackson The Levitt family began and perfected their home construction techniques during World War II with contracts to build housing for the military on the East Coast. Following the war, they began to build subdivisions for returning veterans and their families. Their first major subdivision was in the community of Roslyn on Long Island which consisted of 2,250 homes. After Roslyn, they decided to set their sights on bigger and better things. First Stop: Long Island, NY In 1946 the Levitt company acquired 4,000 acres of potato fields in Hempstead and began to build not just the largest single development by a single builder but what would be the countrys largest housing development ever. The potato fields located 25 miles east of Manhattan on Long Island was named Levittown, and the Levitts began to build a huge suburb. The new development ultimately consisted of 17,400 homes and 82,000 people. The Levitts perfected the art of mass-producing houses by dividing the construction process into 27 different steps from start to finish. The company or its subsidiaries produced lumber, mixed and poured concrete, and even sold appliances. They built as much of the house that they could off-site in carpentry and other shops. The assembly-line production techniques could produce up to 30 of the four-bedroom Cape Cod houses (all the homes in the first Levittown were the same) each day. Through government loan programs (VA and FHA), new homeowners could buy a Levittown home with little or no down payment and since the house included appliances, it provided everything a young family could need. Best of all, the mortgage was often cheaper than renting an apartment in the city (and new tax laws that made mortgage interest deductible made the opportunity too good to pass up). Levittown, Long Island became known as Fertility Valley and The Rabbit Hutch as many of the returning servicemen werent just buying their first home, they were starting their family and having children in such significant numbers that the generation of new babies became known as the Baby Boom. Moving On to Pennsylvania In 1951, the Levitts built their second Levittown in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (just outside of Trenton, New Jersey but also near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and then in 1955 the Levitts purchased land in Burlington County (also within commuting distance from Philadelphia). The Levitts bought most of Willingboro Township in Burlington County and even had the boundaries adjusted to ensure local control of the newest Levittown (the Pennsylvania Levittown overlapped several jurisdictions, making the Levitt companys development more difficult.) Levittown, New Jersey became widely known due to a famous sociological study of one man Dr. Herbert Gans. University of Pennsylvania sociologist Gans and his wife bought one of the first homes available in Levittown, NJ with $100 down in June 1958 and were one of the first 25 families to move in. Gans described Levittown as a working class and lower middle class community and lived there for two years as a participant-observer of the life in Levittown. His book, The Levittowners: Life and Politics in a New Suburban Community was published in 1967. Gans experience in Levittown was a positive one and he supported suburban sprawl since a house in a homogenous community (of almost all whites) is what many people of the era desired and even demanded. He criticized government planning efforts to mix uses or to force dense housing, explaining that builders and homeowners didnt want lower property values due to increased density adjacent commercial development. Gans felt that the market, and not professional planners, should dictate development. It is enlightening to see that in the late 1950s, government agencies such as Willingboro Township were trying to fight developers and citizens alike to build traditional livable communities. A Third Development in New Jersey Levittown, NJ consisted of a total of 12,000 homes, divided into ten neighborhoods. Each neighborhood had an elementary school, a pool, and a playground. The New Jersey version offered three different house types, including both a three and four bedroom model. House prices ranged from $11,500 to $14,500 virtually ensuring that most of the residents were of somewhat equal socioeconomic status (Gans found that family composition, and not price, affected the choice of the three or four bedrooms). Within Levittowns curvilinear streets was a single city-wide high school, a library, city hall, and grocery shopping center. At the time of Levittowns development, people still had to travel to the central city (in this case Philadelphia) for department store and major shopping, the people moved to the suburbs but the stores hadnt yet. Sociologist Herbert Gans Defense of Suburbia Gans 450-page monograph, The Levittowners: Life and Politics in a New Suburban Community, sought to answer four questions: What is the origin of a new community?  What is the quality of suburban life?What is the effect of suburbia on behavior?  What is the quality of politics and decision-making? Gans thoroughly devotes himself to answering these questions, with seven chapters devoted to the first, four to the second and third, and four to the fourth. The reader gains a very clear understanding of life in Levittown through the professional observation made by Gans as well as the surveys that he commissioned during and after his time there (the surveys were sent from the University of Pennsylvania and not by Gans but he was upfront and honest with his neighbors about his purpose in Levittown as a researcher). Gans defends Levittown to the critics of suburbia: The critics have argued that long commutation by the father is helping to create a suburban matriarchy with deleterious effects on the children, and that homogeneity, social hyperactivity, and the absence of urban stimuli create depression, boredom, loneliness, and ultimately mental illness. The findings from Levittown suggest just the opposite that suburban life has produced more family cohesion and a significant boost in morale through the reduction of boredom and loneliness. (p. 220) They also look at suburbia as outsiders, who approach the community with a tourist perspective. The tourist wants visual interest, cultural diversity, entertainment, esthetic pleasure, variety (preferably exotic), and emotional stimulation. The resident, on the other hand, wants a comfortable, convenient, and socially satisfying place to live... (p. 186) The disappearance of farmland near the big cities is irrelevant now that food is produced on huge industrialized farms, and the destruction of raw land and private upper class golf courses seems a small price to pay for extending the benefits of suburban life to more people. (p. 423) By the year 2000, Gans was the Robert Lynd Professor of Sociology at Columbia University. He gave his opinion  about his thoughts on the New Urbanism and suburbia in regard to planners like Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, saying, If people want to live that way, fine, though it is not new urbanism as much as 19th century small town nostalgia. More important Seaside and Celebration [Florida] are not tests of whether it works; both are for affluent people only, and Seaside is a timesharing resort. Ask again in 25 years. Sources Gans, Herbert, The Levittowners: Life and Politics in a New Suburban Community.  1967.Jackson, Kenneth T., Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States.  1985.

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Top 8 Tools You Need to Use For Salary Research

Top 8 Tools You Need to Use For Salary Research Here at TheJobNetwork, we talk a lot about the job hunt, and your career path. Revamping your resume, searching for the perfect job opportunity, getting your smile and handshake ready for the interview†¦all crucial career elements. But what about the most practical career consideration of all: your salary? You need a paycheck to pay for life’s basic necessities, and the goal for most of us is to keep building on that so that we’re able to live comfortably while doing something fulfilling. Sure, dreams of Ferraris and designer clothes are great, but in reality most of us are just looking for solid pay for a day’s work. For years, salary was kind of a taboo subject- you didn’t talk about what you earned with anyone but your employer. And even now, there are a lot of unwritten rules: don’t bring up salary during an interview, let them mention money first, etc. So how do you know what you should (and could) be making? Where do you even start? Letâ €™s look at the top tools you can use to research salary, and figure out what you’re worth in the workplace.U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsIf you like stats and charts, this is the place for you. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is the data-heavy arm of the U.S. Department of Labor. It’s a comprehensive resource for information about just about any career you can think of, with an extensive database providing information about employment rates, regional employment information, job outlooks and projections, median salaries, U.S. employment trends, occupation profiles, and demographic information.Pros: It’s not just a salary resource, but also one for general career information. You can find out not only what people are making in your field, but also what the requirements are, and job descriptions.Cons: Occupation information tends to be very high-level, without much variance for different job titles. Also, the salary information is usually median, so it ca n be tough to see the full range of salary info.PayScalePayScale is a massive salary database that is available to employers (to help them figure out what to pay) and employees/job hunters (to help them figure out what they’re worth, based on job title, industry, and region). Users can create a custom profile based on their current job, a job offer they’re considering, or just general job research. The site also offers general information and research on fair compensation, salary negotiation, and salary best practices.Pros: Casual users can get a free â€Å"salary report† based on experience or location.Cons: Much of the research and features of the â€Å"largest salary profile database in the world† are available as premium software for employers. Also, expect to give detailed (though non-personally identifiable) information about your current job title, salary, location, etc. in order to get your salary report.Salary.comLike PayScale, is a co mprehensive salary software that draws on a massive database of salary information, parsed out by region, job title, experience, etc. It has an enterprise software component for businesses and employers to research and compare salary data, as well as a free salary profile available to employees and job searchers. Notably, the site also has a Cost-of-Living Wizard, which lets you enter information and determine what your cost of living would be in various locations. This is very helpful if you’re moving and need to find a job, or are considering transferring in your current job.Pros: Straightforward interface, and a huge database of job and salary information. The site also has a number of general job search and career development articles.Cons: Many of its resources are available as paid options.Idealist Career Salary SurveysIf you work for a nonprofit company, or are looking for a job with one, you know that they can be a different kind of beast than their corporate siblings . Compensation may be handled differently, so the standard resources might not be as helpful. If you’re looking for info on nonprofit careers, Idealist has compiled a number of different links and surveys to help you find the information you want on working for nonprofits.Pros: It’s a comprehensive resource for nonprofit career information (job openings, career development, pay and benefits information).Cons: The focus is limited to nonprofits, so it can be difficult to compare nonprofit salaries and jobs to other fields and industries.BufferIdeally, all of our companies would have a salary calculator where we could plug in our job title and level of experience, and see what the salary range is. (I mean, we’re all a little nosy about what other people are making, right?) Practicality often calls for more discretion, and most companies would prefer not to have that knowledge public. The exception to that rule: Buffer, a social media company who has pioneered the whole â€Å"transparent salary† concept over the past few years. Their Transparent Salary Calculator really only tells you what you’d be making if you worked at Buffer, but it’s still a handy tool for reference.Pros: If you have a similar job title and level of experience, this can help give you a baseline to take with you into a new job offer salary negotiation, or a request for a raise. Also, yay transparency!Cons: It’s very specific to a small social media company, so if you have a role outside of the 20 or so job types listed at Buffer, it’s not especially helpful.Educate to Career Job Seekers Salary CalculatorIf you’ve been around the block for a while, career-wise, you probably know roughly what people make in your field, or what you can expect long term. If you’re just starting out, say, as a recent grad, you probably don’t have that sense yet. Educate to Career helps students, recent graduates, or other job seekers figu re out what they can make based on the field, job title, relevant experience, and location.Pros: The database covers all states and regions, and factors in education level as a predictor of salary. It’s a straightforward search, and gives information on median salary, starting salary, top earner salaries, and likely market salaries. The states are broken down into regions, which gives very specific reports.Cons: The site is very student-focused, so the general career information is geared more toward students and soon-to-be grads than the average job hunter.U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionWhether you’re figuring out your market value or hoping to negotiate a higher salary for yourself, it’s important to know what’s legal or illegal when it comes to your pay. The U.S. government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) publishes information about discrimination, equal pay, and the latest legislation that affects employee compensa tion.Pros: If you’re concerned that you’re being underpaid or discriminated against by your employer, this is an excellent place to start.Cons: It’s not a huge database, or a flashy interface- just straightforward information about employment practices.Salary ExpertIf you want to know more about salary on a global scale, Salary Expert has a database for that. Like other salary search engines, Salary Expert allows you to get reports and make comparisons on salary and cost of living across the globe.Pros: If you’re fantasizing about moving to London but are concerned about your earning potential and the cost of living, this is the tool to use. You can browse salary and cost of living data without signing up for any services.Cons: The most advanced salary data is part of a premium software package purchase.Next Steps After You’ve ResearchedOnce you know what you’re worth, you’ve got the tools you need to move toward your higher salary. W e’ve got you covered on what to do next:Your Comprehensive Guide to Negotiating SalaryHow to Earn a Six-Figure Salary in Your Lifetime11 Tips for Getting the Salary You WantHow to Negotiate Your Salary in An Interview6 Tips for Negotiating the Salary You WantWhen you’re ready to talk money, you should have every possible tool at your disposal. These resources can help you be armed and ready to advocate for yourself, and make sure that you’re exactly where you should be- or could be. Good luck!

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Winston Graham and Daly Car Sales Ltd Law Contract Essay

Winston Graham and Daly Car Sales Ltd Law Contract - Essay Example In order to explain these, one is required to ask himself a question. How is the incorporation of terms done in a contract? At a first glance, the question might look unqualified since one would expect the terms to be included in the contract explicitly. In regard to Express Terms, they are those terms, which have been stipulated and agreed by the parties at the instance of making the contract. Express terms could be expressed in writing or orally. On the other hand, implied terms are usually not mentioned when entering into a contract but nonetheless, they are included in the contract. Often, this is due to the fact that there is no commercial sense in regard to the contract if the term is not incorporated. According to the Sale of Goods act, the key provision, which the seller of the light truck has breached are; section 14 of the statue that states that goods ought to be of satisfactory quality. As such, it is a must that they meet the standards a person, who is reasonable, would consider satisfactory. Moreover, if the buyer makes a clear specification that he is buying for a stipulated purpose, then the underlying implied term is that the purpose of the goods then must be fit. This therefore, introduces the first legal issue, which is breach of the contract. However, this issue will be discussed among the legal issues imminent in the case.Consumer goods are read as any item, which is movable and movable but with the exception of; goods sold engaging execution way of selling or otherwise sold. due to authority of law and gas as well as water whereby, they have neither been put up for sale in a quantity, which has been set nor in a limited volume. Still, consumer goods exclude electricity. Selling of consumer goods must be in such a way that they are in conformity with the sale contract. As such, as with this case, they are regarded as in conformity with the contract of sale if the goods are fit for the intended purpose in regard to the use of the same type o f goods (Borchel 2005). Furthermore, they conform to the sale contract if they are fit for a specified purpose required by the consumer and for which the buyer has explicitly informed the seller about at the time the contract is being concluded and at the time the seller accepts the contract. Moreover, they are said to conform with the contract of sale if their quality and performance are indeed satisfactory. This is if at all the nature of the